A chef, two restaurants

Dear Customers,

The Domaine des Vanneaux team is pleased to announce the reopening of the hotel, the restaurant le Piaf and the Spa 7 days a week from September 4th.

The Domaine is organising itself and taking its measures to reduce the risks of contamination as much as possible and to offer you a stay in the best possible sanitary conditions.

We remain at your disposal for any information.

Thank you for your understanding,

David Moreau
General Manager of Domaine des Vanneaux

The chef Pierre Meneau

Pierre Meneau, a passionate chef dedicated to creative and intuitive cuisine.

Thrown into the culinary world from a very young age by his father, the three-starred Chef Marc Meneau, Pierre Meneau finished his education amongst some of the greatest, like Michel Guérard. Inspired by his own sensitivity, today his cooking is full of character, fed by passion and generosity.

Making high demands for the finished product, meticulous with his technical movements and constantly in search of new inspiration, Pierre Meneau makes it his vocation to allow you to discover the best of what nature has to offer.

In the kitchen, nothing is lost,
nothing is created, everything is transformed.

Le Piaf Bar & bistronomy

Le Piaf is a friendly, laid-back space. People stop here to meet and spend time together, whether for an impromptu dinner or a drink by the fireplace, for cocktail hour or for lunch at the bar!

When the weather’s good, take a seat outside on our terrace and taste our signature cocktails while watching the sunset over L’Isle Adam Golf Course…

Informations & reservations: +33 (0)1 34 08 40 62

La Plume Gastronomic restaurant

In an exceptional setting, with a woodfire chimney and a view over L’Isle Adam Golf Course, Chef Pierre Meneau takes you on a delicious gourmet journey inspired by nature and a diverse array of influences. With ingredients selected directly from producers with creativity and passion, La Plume extols all the codes of French gastronomy to give our guests a unique taste experience.

Informations & reservations: +33 (0)1 34 08 40 79

A gourmet moment

Take a break at Le Domaine des Vanneaux